Causes of oil leakage of crankshaft oil seal

Crankshaft is an important part of automobile engine. Its function is to convert the gas force from piston and connecting rod into torque, and the linear motion of piston into rotary motion, a valve train and other auxiliary devices for driving a vehicle’s transmission system and an engine. Basically, it’s a power-output unit in a car

Causes of oil leakage of crankshaft oil seal


  1. Crankshaft oil seals do not use non-oil-based lubricants in the process of pressing and mounting, which causes the oil seals to loosen or even fall off after a period of use (for example, some engine manufacturers use oil to replace the relatively expensive non-oil-based lubricants in order to reduce the manufacturing cost) .


2. The parallelism of the pressure mounting surface of the rear oil seal to the mounting surface of the rear oil seal does not meet the technical requirements of the assembly drawing, resulting in uneven force and deformation of the lip of the rear oil seal, after using the engine for a period of time, the lip of the oil seal will deform and even the whole seal will distort, causing oil seal damage and oil leakage.

3, the engine service life is long, after the oil seal natural aging lip place produces the crack to cause the engine oil leakage.