Great seal FKM VITON O Ring main characteristics

Fluoro-rubber O-ring is one of the commonly used O-rings at present. It is widely used because of its good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. How high temperature can fluoro-rubber O-ring generally withstand? How about hardness and pressure resistance?


High temperature resistance: – 25 ~ 280 ℃. Some special perfluorinated rubber can be used up to 300 ℃


Hardness: 50-85 degrees, generally 70 degrees


Color: adjustable, generally black is the more common fluoro-rubber O-ring


Pressure: 10-20 Mpa


Scope of application: it can be used in various working environments requiring high precision, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance and harsh conditions, such as automobiles, electronics, aerospace, ships, metallurgy, machinery, etc.


Applicable media: fuel oil, hydraulic oil, organic solvent, concentrated acid, strong bismuth agent, lubricating oil, fuel gasoline, hydraulic oil, synthetic oil, etc;


Unsuitable media: brake oil, ketones, low molecular weight esters and mixtures containing nitrate;


The main characteristics of fluororubber are high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, good anti-aging and ozone resistance, and low porosity. Even under very bad working conditions, it still has very good wear resistance. Fluororubber can withstand the working temperature of + 200 degrees or below, and can also operate without oil for a short time.


Post time: Mar-03-2022