how ABS ring work

ABS System is also called anti-lock Braking System, which is the abbreviation of the English Antilock Braking System, also called ABS. The ABS System mainly consists of three main parts: electronic control unit, sensor and hydraulic regulator (solenoid valve).


The ABS system is a safety device to prevent the wheel from being locked by braking in the process of braking, avoid the wheel from sliding purely on the road surface, improve the direction stability and steering ability of the car in the process of braking, and shorten the braking distance.


1. Working principle of ABS system


In the process of automobile braking, the ABS system calculates and determines the slip state of the wheel through the signal of automobile wheel speed collected by the sensor, and the electronic control unit manipulates the on-off of the solenoid valve through the corresponding control algorithm to realize the depressurization, pressurization and pressure holding control of the wheel cylinder, so that the slip rate can be controlled in the ideal range.


(1) When the electronic control unit detects that the wheel has the tendency to lock, the electronic control unit controls the braking system to reduce the braking pressure;


(2) When the wheel speed resumes and the ground friction decreases, the electronic control unit increases the braking pressure by controlling the braking system.


In this way, the wheel is always in the vicinity of the best slip rate, which can make the most effective use of ground adhesion, obtain the best braking distance and braking stability performance, and prevent the wheel from being locked.


The ABS system can control the braking torque acting on the wheel in real time, so that the slip rate has been kept in the optimal range, so that the vehicle has a larger side force and the maximum braking force, so as to ensure the stable braking of the car.


2, ABS gear ring working principle


With the rotation of the vehicle tire, the ABS gear ring generates the wheel speed signal, which is transmitted to the ECU through the AC generated by the sensor, and finally by the ABS system


Analyze the data to judge the speed of the tire and prevent the tire from locking.


Wheel speed sensor with magnetic coil can generate magnetic field lines, installed in a fixed near the wheel parts, abs ring gear is installed on the wheel hub, wheel rotation driven in abs ring gear, abs ring gear cutting lines of magnetic force makes the electromagnetic induction coil inside the sensor, the pulse rate is proportional to the wheel speed and transmission to the ECU (electronic controller).


In brief, the working principle of ABS ring gear is sent to the ABS system by the wheel speed signal generated by the wheel rotation. The ABS ring gear is mainly used to test and detect the wheel speed

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