How to choose hydraulic seals

It is suggested that hydraulic seals should be selected according to the following key points:

1. Stationary, reciprocating and rotating in motion;

2. Key piston, piston rod and plane for sealing;

3. Pressure determines the structure and hardness of the seal;

4. Temperature determines the material of the seal;

5. Medium determines the material of the seal;

6. Groove size, is often more important than the actual size of the seal.


Dust proof for rod in ar cylinder under reciprocating movements or exposed valve rod.
Application range
TPU: general machinery,universal  machineryvalves in air cylinders.
Technical Data
Source of standard: JB/T6657-93
Grooves conform to:JB/T6657-93
Hardness:90 shore A
UN type of seal ring is the single acting seal component. In the hydraulic cylinder, it is mainly used in piston rod seal. In many applications, especially in walking machinery, automobiles,forestry and mining machinery, under bad working conditions, it has good
mechanical properties
UHS type of piston rod seal ring is with U ring with a smaller cross section, it is used for fast pressing groove tightly.
Material quality: Imported high quality polyurethane (TPU/CPU),
hardness :85 shore A
Working environment
Temperature:-20- +80℃
Reciprocating speed:≤1 m/s
Media: General petroleum based hydraulic oil, water and emulsion
Pressure: ≤31.5 Mpa

Post time: Dec-02-2021