How to deal with oil leakage of automobile oil seal?

Valve oil seal is one of the important parts of the engine valve set. It contacts gasoline and oil at high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to use the material with good heat resistance and oil resistance, which is generally made of fluororubber.

Oil leakage is caused by oil seal problems in related parts, and any car may leak oil. You can find out if you search the Internet. No car dare to promise no oil leakage or oil leakage.

What can we do when oil seal leaks?

Some oil leaks do not need to be removed. The oil leakage in the cylinder block is to be removed. Therefore, we are advised not to be too allergic. The car is not driven badly, it is repaired! For example, if you don’t repair oil leakage and oil leakage, as long as you pay attention to the oil level, it will not affect for more than ten years. But it is difficult to repair the cylinder after opening.

Oil leakage is not a fault. Oil leakage should be serious, and it is not necessary to be allergic. Pay attention to the detection. The simplest criterion: oil is not used for many.

Firstly, engine oil leakage and engine oil leakage are two concepts: engine oil leakage belongs to a fault phenomenon. With the use of engine, the oil permeability of oil is very strong. Generally, it will penetrate a little from oil seal. This is a common phenomenon, it is not a fault phenomenon.

The oil leakage is mainly reflected in the fact that the oil does not decrease rapidly, but there are a few oil traces in the engine oil seal, but no obvious oil trace is found on the engine guard or the ground. This oil seal leakage phenomenon for the new car owners is mainly psychological, not cool.

Valve stem seal is a kind of oil seal, which is generally vulcanized by outer frame and fluororubber. The diameter of oil seal is equipped with self tightening spring or steel wire, which is used for sealing of engine valve guide rod. Valve oil seal can prevent oil from entering the inlet and exhaust pipe, causing oil loss, preventing the mixture of gasoline and air and exhaust gas leakage, and preventing engine oil from entering the combustion chamber.

The problem of “burning oil” is often caused by valve oil seal. Although oil seal replacement can greatly reduce the oil consumption, the key is not that the quality of oil seal is not too simple, and the excessive loss of parts is closely related to the design of engine.

The Countermeasures of oil leakage due to the lax seal of oil seal

1. Master and identify the basic knowledge of fake and inferior products, and choose high-quality and standard oil seal.

2. During installation, if the surface roughness of shaft diameter is low or there are rust spots, rust, hair prickles and other defects, it shall be polished smooth with fine sand cloth or oilstone; Apply clean oil or grease to the corresponding position of the lip or shaft diameter of the oil seal. Apply sealant to the outer ring of oil seal, wrap the key groove on the shaft with hard paper to avoid scratching the lip of oil seal. Use special tools to rotate the oil seal inward and press it in. Do not smash the hard punch hard to prevent the oil seal from deforming or squeezing the spring and failure; If lip flanging, spring falling and oil seal deflection occur, it must be removed and refitted. It should be noted that when the shaft diameter is not worn and the oil seal spring is elastic enough, do not tighten the inner spring without authorization.

3. When the general working conditions of oil seal applied in machinery are bad, the temperature difference is large, the dust is too much, and the mechanical vibration frequently causes the mechanical parts to be constantly changing, it is necessary to check, maintain and maintain frequently.

4. For example, the shaft diameter and bearing wear seriously; The oil seal rubber is aged or the spring fails, etc., and the corresponding parts shall be repaired and replaced in time.

5. The abnormal heating parts or assemblies shall be timely eliminated; Avoid mechanical overspeed and overload operation to prevent the temperature rise of oil seal lip, rubber aging, early wear of lip, etc.

6. Check oil level frequently. If there are too many impurities in oil, replace new oil completely when there are alloy powder and metal iron chips. The brand and quality of the oil to be changed shall meet the requirements of the season.


Post time: Apr-27-2021