What is Gear Reducer oil seal ?

Today we’re going to share a part of the gear reducer, a very critical part: reducer oil seal , the gear oil seal or gearbox oil seal .

The reducer is generally placed between the motor and the working machine, and the input and output ends are respectively connected with the motor shaft and the main shaft of the working machine through the coupling. Reducer input, output shaft end, each has a through cover, the oil seal is installed in the through cover, play a sealing role. The most common types of oil seal are divided into haplotype and assembly type. Reducer with the role of the oil seal, reducer oil seal can play to protect the reducer bearings and oil leakage, so as to maintain the normal reducer oil.


The quality of the oil seal of the reducer will influence the service life of the reducer to a great extent. High quality oil seal can improve the working time and prolong the service life of the reducer. Therefore, in the reducer selection, the structure and quality of the oil seal must understand one of the selection. Classification of oil seals for reducer in common use.

I, ordinary radial shaft seals. Also known as skeleton oil seal, usually suitable for low to medium working speed, wear seal way, easy to maintain, sealing lip is easy to heat, should keep enough lubrication.

2. labyrinth oil seals. Generally applicable to relatively high working speed, this type of oil seal is non-contact seal, no wear and local heating, in certain conditions do not need maintenance. However, labyrinth oil seals also have certain requirements on installation conditions, such as minimum speed requirements, the use of oil-immersed lubrication, shaft horizontal placement and installation of fixed base, to avoid dust and sewage environment. The third type, combined shaft seal. This kind of oil seal belongs to lip type contact seal, need to add lubricating grease, can achieve very high safety under the bad working condition environment such as dust, damp, etc. .

Main failure reason of oil seal of Reducer

A. Normal wear of oil seal

B. Incorrect sealing, ambient temperature (high temperature, dusty environment)

C. Installation Reason, alignment error is Big

D. Wrong material selection for oil seal.

Oil seal lip damage, damage caused by improper installation reducer oil seal replacement method:

1. Remove fan cover and Fan

2. Remove the end cap and the oil seal on it that needs to be replaced.

3. Clean the joint sealant and deal with the partition.

4. Handle input shaft oil seal to smooth without Mark

5. Apply a small amount of butter to the outer ring of the new oil seal and install into position with a flat iron plate

6. Grease the lips with a small amount of butter and apply sealant to the joint.

7. Install the end cap to ensure that the end cap oil duct hole position

8. Confirm whether there is reverse lip phenomenon in the oil seal, and tighten the end cap bolts

Post time: May-07-2021