High pressure Power gear oil seal

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Design lip : single lip or double lip and combine type

Size: customized accept

High pressure oil seal such as pump oil seal ,oil pump oil seal ,hydraulic seal ,tractor oil seal ,combine oil seal


Characteristics of oil seal

1. the lip of structural typeⅠhas a small pressure bearing area, while maintaining its rigidity, and can be used under small diameter and medium pressure.

2. The lip deformation of structural typeⅡis small under pressure, and the skeleton is of integral pressure-resistant design, which is used under large diameter and high pressure.

3. The lip of structural type III adopts the optimized structural design, and the lip design of the miter makes the oil seal adapt to the relatively high pv value: under the pressure of 200kg, the rotating linear speed is required to be above 0.75m/s.

Advantages of oil seal

1. the rubber joint has good static pressure

2. Reliable and optimized pressure-bearing design

3. Able to withstand high temperature (based on rubber material)

4. The lip of the oil return line design is better

Power steering pump oil seal have five kinds:

First, circulating ball type power steering oil seal: input oil seal, rocker shaft oil seal.

Second, rack-and-pinion steering gear oil seal: input shaft oil seal, pinion shaft oil seal, rack inside and outside of the oil seal.usually use cutting lip ,HNBR material ,pressure above 15MPA, Low temperature: -35 centigrade,

Third, turn to hydraulic cylinder oil seal.

Fourth, the electro-hydraulic steering oil seal

Fifth, the steering pump oil seal

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