• The advantages of turning seals production process

    1, because of high-pressure extrusion internal molecular structure compactness and better physical and mechanical properties; 2, after special turning numerical control equipment processing sealing ring size is more accurate, 3, no mold turning hydraulic seal ring single piece of processing time ...
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  • Great seal FKM VITON O Ring main characteristics

    Fluoro-rubber O-ring is one of the commonly used O-rings at present. It is widely used because of its good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. How high temperature can fluoro-rubber O-ring generally withstand? How about hardness and pressure resistance?   High temperature r...
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  • How to choose hydraulic seals

    It is suggested that hydraulic seals should be selected according to the following key points: 1. Stationary, reciprocating and rotating in motion; 2. Key piston, piston rod and plane for sealing; 3. Pressure determines the structure and hardness of the seal; 4. Temperature determines the materia...
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  • Causes of oil leakage of crankshaft oil seal

    Crankshaft is an important part of automobile engine. Its function is to convert the gas force from piston and connecting rod into torque, and the linear motion of piston into rotary motion, a valve train and other auxiliary devices for driving a vehicle’s transmission system and an engine. Basic...
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  • What is Gear Reducer oil seal ?

    Today we’re going to share a part of the gear reducer, a very critical part: reducer oil seal , the gear oil seal or gearbox oil seal . The reducer is generally placed between the motor and the working machine, and the input and output ends are respectively connected with the motor shaft and the ...
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  • How to deal with oil leakage of automobile oil seal?

    Valve oil seal is one of the important parts of the engine valve set. It contacts gasoline and oil at high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to use the material with good heat resistance and oil resistance, which is generally made of fluororubber. Oil leakage is caused by oil seal problems ...
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  • Oil seal manufacturer USA

    Yiwu great seal rubber products company is oil seal manufacturer in CHINA with OEM quality .Oil seal manufacturer such as SKF  seal ,Natuonal oil seal ,Dichtomatik seal ,Clark Seal.All seals in the USA . Oil seal applicated in automotive ,Motorcycle,commercial vehicle,heavy duty truck .axle ,shaf...
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  • how ABS ring work

    how ABS ring work

    ABS System is also called anti-lock Braking System, which is the abbreviation of the English Antilock Braking System, also called ABS. The ABS System mainly consists of three main parts: electronic control unit, sensor and hydraulic regulator (solenoid valve).   The ABS system is a safety de...
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  • how to use skeleton oil seal and sealing principle

     Today, We will continue to tell you about the skeleton oil seal in oil seals, including its structure, sealing principle and how to use it correctly to ensure the normal operation of equipment.   Skeleton oil seal is a typical representative of oil seal. Generally speaking, oil seal refers ...
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  • Why the valve cover gasket will be oil leakage ?

    Why the valve cover gasket will be oil leakage ?

    A lot of times an engine leak is inevitable,Especially if you use a bad oil,There are many impurities in the oil,Not only does it increase the wear and tear on the engine, It can also cause engine oil leak. Let’s discuss about Some leaks in the valve chamber cover. What causes the valve cha...
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  • what is Difference of bearing seal and metal dust cover?

    what is Difference of bearing seal and metal dust cover?

    Difference of bearing seal and metal cap Function is different - bearing seal ring is to its sealing performance and service life has the vital significance. - Bearing dust cover is to prevent the bearing into dust and other debris thus affecting the work. Material is different, bearing sealing r...
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  • How many kinds of automotive seals?

    How many kinds of automotive seals?

    Automobile seals Applicated in different parts. it can be divided into the following parts according to the parts used: Direction oil seal, crankshaft oil seal, engine oil seal, valve stem oil seal, water pump oil seal, oil pump oil seal, transmission oil seal, axle shaft oil seal.wheel hub seal,...
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