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  • High-quality automatic equipment rubber suction cups

    YIWU GREAT SEAL specializes in producing a variety of high-quality automatic equipment rubber suction cups, committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services. We have advanced production equipment and professional technical team, and constantly develop and improve the p...
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  • Application of Rubber Injection Molding Press in Vulcanization of EPDM

        Abstract: The application of two different types of rubber injection molding press (A-type and B-type) in the vulcanization of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)was compared. A-type injection molding press was suitable for pure rubber products, while B-type injection molding pr...
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  • Why the valve cover gasket will be oil leakage ?

    Why the valve cover gasket will be oil leakage ?

    A lot of times an engine leak is inevitable,Especially if you use a bad oil,There are many impurities in the oil,Not only does it increase the wear and tear on the engine, It can also cause engine oil leak. Let’s discuss about Some leaks in the valve chamber cover. What causes the valve cha...
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  • How many kinds of automotive seals?

    How many kinds of automotive seals?

    Automobile seals Applicated in different parts. it can be divided into the following parts according to the parts used: Direction oil seal, crankshaft oil seal, engine oil seal, valve stem oil seal, water pump oil seal, oil pump oil seal, transmission oil seal, axle shaft oil seal.wheel hub seal,...
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  • Oil seals and o ring kits buying guide in CHINA

    Oil seals and o ring kits buying guide in CHINA

    When you want find a reliable seals and O-rings in China.There are so many seals manufacturer ,maybe you will confused ,because they are different area,and different price.There will be different quality for different seals. How to find a reliable oil seal and o ring  ? 1- The oil seal factory ne...
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  • Principle of Hydraulic seals

    Principle of Hydraulic seals

    The Hydraulic oil seal is generally made of rubber sealing material. The seal ring has simple structure, good sealing performance and low friction.  It can be used for linear reciprocating and rotary motion, but it is more used for fixing seals, such as seals between pipelines, cylinder heads and...
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  • Magnetic bearing seals presentation and features

    Magnetic oil seal is a product designed after years of research and experiment. It creatively uses modular magnetic compensation system and new material sealing technology, and easy installation can solve the problems that have been difficult to eradicate in industrial history. It not only respon...
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  • Solution to Oil Leakage of Gearbox Oil Seal?

    Solution to Oil Leakage of Gearbox Oil Seal?

    Mechanical transmission is the most common in mechanical engineering. It is widely used to transmit force and friction transmission mainly by friction force of machine parts, including belt transmission, rope transmission and friction wheel transmission.  Basic product classification: reducer, br...
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  • Mechanical seals

    Professional mechnical seal manufacturer  yiwu great seal rubber products company Mechanical seals working in liquid medium generally rely on the liquid film formed by liquid medium between the friction surfaces of moving and stationary rings for lubrication. Therefore, it is necessary to maintai...
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