Why the valve cover gasket will be oil leakage ?

A lot of times an engine leak is inevitable,Especially if you use a bad oil,There are many impurities in the oil,Not only does it increase the wear and tear on the engine,

It can also cause engine oil leak.

Let’s discuss about Some leaks in the valve chamber cover.

What causes the valve chamber to leak? How to deal with it?

What is engine valve cover gasket?

Engine valve cover gasket- simply known as the valve chamber cover.It is the sealing member of the top part of the engine. It is sealed with the engine oil corresponding to the oil pan so that the oil will not leak out when the engine is running.The cylinder head corresponding to the cylinder body, the corresponding valve is installed on the cylinder head, and the cylinder body is formed into a sealed compression chamber, under certain conditions, allowing the combustible mixture to burn in its interior.The top valve chamber cover, the bottom cylinder cover, the bottom cylinder body, and the bottom oil sump.

Why the valve cover gasketwill be oil leakage?


1- The aging of the valve cover gasketleads to oil leakage.   

First, the valve chamber gasket has been used for a long time, causing aging and losing the ability to seal oil leakage.Sealing gasket for rubber material, due to the vehicle service life is too long, rubber material will age, become hard, resulting in oil leakage.

Since the valve chamber is located on the upper part of the engine, oil will flow down the cylinder head after the valve chamber pad leaks, because the engine body is working

At higher temperatures, the oil clinging to the body’s surface will slowly evaporate, producing a pungent smoke.

In this case, just open the valve chamber cover and replace the gasket.valve cover gasketreplacement cost is not high


2.-Forced crankcase ventilation valve is blocked   

PCV valve of crankcase ventilation system is blocked, which causes excessive pressure inside the machine and finally causes oil leakage under pressure.If this fault is not detected, it will cause more trouble later, such as crankshaft oil seal leakage and so on.However, it is very simple to determine whether the PCV valve is working normally: under idle conditions, the working state of the PCV valve can be instantly determined by testing the vacuum of the crankcase inlet with your finger.

Inspection method for PCV valve of crankcase forced ventilation System:

Make the engine idle, remove the PCV valve from the hose of the cylinder cover, and check whether the PCV valve is blocked.If you put your hand on the PCV valve joint, your fingers will feel a strong vacuum.

Another inspection method is to remove the crankcase inlet pipe from the air filter after installing the PCV valve, and gently cover the crankcase with a piece of tissue paper. When the pressure in the crankcase decreases (about IMIn), it should be obvious that the tissue paper is drawn toward the pipe opening.In addition, after stopping the engine, remove the PCV valve and check it by hand. If there is a “click” sound, the PCV valve is flexible and available.


3- The failure of other parts of the engine leads to oil leakage.

The aging of the piston ring of the engine leads to loose sealing. When the engine is running at high speed, the phenomenon of cylinder bobbing occurs, which leads to excessive exhaust gas pressure, and in serious cases, it directly leads to damage of valve cover gasketsealant and oil leakage.

In addition, due to the poor oil quality, serious carbon accumulation of piston adhesion, the installation of rubber valve gasket is not standard, resulting in uneven force, etc., all these problems will lead to damage of valve cover gasketand oil leakage.

Damage of leakage of rubber cover gasket

Pay attention to cause of valve cover gasketto oil leakage .Damage the engine.

There is a potential safety hazard such as fire caused by oil leak in valvecover gasket .

Due to oil leakage in the cover of the valve chamber, the oil leaking will flow down the engine body. Due to the high temperature of the engine body when the engine is working, the oil sticking to the surface of the engine body will slowly evaporate and produce a harsh smell. In severe cases, the oil will enter the car along with the air conditioning system, affecting the car environment.

Second, when the valve chamber cover leaking oil adhesion on engine exhaust manifold, the harm is then is not so simple, a sharp taste, a vehicle at high speed in hot summer, because the temperature of the exhaust manifold is very high, cause adhesion on the exhaust manifold oil combustion, ignition other flammable components, could eventually lead to engine compartment fire


Post time: Jan-19-2021