what is Difference of bearing seal and metal dust cover?

Difference of bearing seal and metal cap

Function is different

- bearing seal ring is to its sealing performance and service life has the vital significance.

- Bearing dust cover is to prevent the bearing into dust and other debris thus affecting the work.

Material is different,

bearing sealing ring is made of rubber. The material of bearing dustproof cover is thin metal plate.

The dust cap is an annular housing, usually stamped from a thin sheet of metal, that is attached to one ring or Washer of the bearing and extends toward the other ring or Washer, obscuring the internal space of the bearing without contacting the other ring or Washer.

One is dust-proof, the other is airtight. Dust Prevention is to prevent dust into the motor interior; sealed not only the external dust can not enter and the internal grease is not easy to flow out. The grease that is not clean on the outside is not easy to flow into.

In practice the difference between the two is not too great. Bearings are generally inside and outside the oil cap, has played this role, only in specific conditions only needed. Z for dustproof and S for seal (FS for felt ring seal and LS for rubber seal) .

Post time: Jan-19-2021